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Building a community of fish farmers

Join the Aquarech team of fish farmers who are utilizing the latest climate-smart techniques, accessing top-quality feed, and market all while enjoying flexible payment solutions for your fish feeds. 

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Data Collected From Aquarechs' On-boarded Fish Farmers
Proves Our Effectiveness Thus far.


Increased Fish Farmer Productivity


Increased Fish Farmer Income


Reduced Fish Production Cycles

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Register with Aquarech today to gain access to our climate-smart, data-driven precision fish farming system.

Gain Access our fish buy-back system through our platform to connect with Aquarechs' extensive fish market.

Register to gain simple access to dependable, high-quality fish feeds.

What our customers love about us


Martin Omondi, 48, is not your average fish farmer. He taught himself precision fish farming after working with Aquarech specialists and the Aquarech mobile App for one production cycle and transformed his fish farm into a gold mine.

Martin Omondi.

Fishfarmer in Kisumu

Why not join the hundreds of fish farmers who have used Aquarech to more than double their income?

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