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Climate Smart Fish Farming

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Aquarech is Kenya’s first fish farming platform that links small and medium scale fish farmers to high quality inputs and markets. The social enterprise seeks to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment by offering capacity building in climate smart fish farming.

We offer the following products and services that are bundled through our platform: ● Aggregating fish from smallholder farmers and fisherfolk ● Supply of Inputs: Feeds and Fingerlings ● Technical support through AquaRech App

For a long time, fish had to go through a couple of middlemen before it got to the traders, which lowered their income and even caused losses, making women fish traders particularly vulnerable to these problems.

Through facilitating women’s participation in the aquaculture sector and connecting them to markets, Aquarech aims to address the gender disparity in Kenya’s aquaculture industry. As it tackles the root cause of sex for fish trade by increasing the supply and ensuring as safe a way to trade fish as possible.

Aquarech has a mobile application that infuses IoT, farm management and use of high-quality feeds to improve the productivity of small-scale fish farmers and linking them to ready markets. Fish farmers from different regions can now get easy access to high quality inputs that is fish feed and fingerlings by making orders through the application or a USSD code *789*4#. The innovation provides vital production metrics such as feed conversion ratio, average daily growth, mortality rates and water temperature.

Aquaculture is rapidly expanding in production but the sustainability is at stake due to the elements of climate change such as such as rising temperatures, sea-level rise, diseases and harmful algal blooms, changes in rainfall patterns and the uncertainty of external inputs supplies.

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